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We have a policies list view on SharePoint 2010 that presents information in this fashion:

[+] Category : Requirements (2)
   [+] Subject : Library guidelines (2)
      Photocopying of entire books is discouraged.

      Users must notify the staff before removing books from the reference area.

   [+] Subject : Permissions (2)
      Outside researchers require authorization to access the library.

      Staff can do free reading in off-hours.

We need the 1.1. and 1.2. to appear before the 2.1. and 2.2. items. So the group Subject : Permissions needs to appear before the group Subject : Library guidelines. In this one case, it can be done using descending order on the groups. But it won't always be alphabetical. We need it to respect the Item Order first when sorting.

Those items (1.1., 2.1.) are stored in a rich text field, Sub-Item, meaning sorting isn't available. We've added a number column Item Order to allow sorting on that, but then the grouping gets in the way. When grouping, it sorts ascending or descending; it first sorts on the groups, then on the Item Order.

Any way to solve this with the standard OOTB views in SharePoint? Thanks.

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Simplest possible solution is to include section number in group field:

1. Permissions
2. Requirements

Problem is that you can apply sort on groups only on group field. So if you use number in front of group name you can get desired results.

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Thanks, Vedran. That's simple and elegant. Gets the job done very nicely :) – Alex C Jan 22 '12 at 16:17

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