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I am currently working an issue where an unhandled exception occurs when loading the dafault.aspx. This error is pointing me to an issue to a calendar web part or LVWP that is added to the default aspx. The issue is that I am not aware of how I can go ahead and get around the error so I can access the page to see what might be occuring and begin troubleshooting. Is this something I might be able to do with Designer to at least see what the culprit might be? As I am more involved with front end development I have limited access to get to the infrastructure to look at code etc.

Any assistance in troubleshooting would be great.

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A good starting point is to check out log files from ULS trace log in

c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\logs

Also check the event viewers application log for errors.

If you are on a development server you can enable debugging, stack trace and disable custom errors page (details here).

Another debugging option is to use SPTraceView to get trace logs "as they happen".

Fiddler is also useful for tracking down what happens between server and client.

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Anders, Thank you for the advice. The good news is that the user was just starting out with creating a calendar and there was no content or at least it wasn't important to her. I ended up deleting the LVWP and the offending calendar off site using SharePoint Designer. This in turn ghosted the default.aspx bu found this the easier approach. – Paul Akerlind May 10 '10 at 19:33

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