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I had gone the route of creating a placeholder on the aspx page and then doing:


but for some reason this doesn't do anything. No error and no control. Do I need to do anything special to add this type of control to a page?

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This is the code I use:

var taxField = field as TaxonomyField; // the SPField the control should bind to
var session = new TaxonomySession(field.ParentList.ParentWeb.Site);
var store = session.TermStores[0];
var termSet = store.GetTermSet(taxField.TermSetId);
var taxonomyControl = new TaxonomyWebTaggingControl();
taxonomyControl.IsMulti = taxField.AllowMultipleValues;
taxonomyControl.IsAddTerms = termSet.IsOpenForTermCreation;
if (termSet.IsOpenForTermCreation)
  taxonomyControl.AllowFillIn = true;
taxonomyControl.ID = "fld_" + taxField.InternalName;
taxonomyControl.FieldName = taxField.Title;
taxonomyControl.FieldId = taxField.Id.ToString();
taxonomyControl.SSPList = taxField.SspId.ToString();
taxonomyControl.AnchorId = taxField.AnchorId;
taxonomyControl.TermSetList = taxField.TermSetId.ToString();
if (!Page.IsPostBack)
  if (Item[taxField.InternalName] != null)
    taxonomyControl.Text = Item[taxField.InternalName].ToString();
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Where do you create the field? Some code seems to be missing – Eric Herlitz Nov 12 '14 at 14:39

You need to bind the term set to the TaxonomyWebTaggingControl so that it allows you to pick and display terms. See link below:


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