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I'm getting error when i try to add a crawled property to managed property "contentshidden"

Anyone know why the problem can ben, when i add a mapping to empty mapping property it is ok, but when i add to contentshidden then i get an error:

 IList<CrawledProperty> crawledProperties = new List<CrawledProperty>();
            Schema schema = new Schema(searchServiceApplication);
            ManagedPropertyCollection allManagedPropertiesCollection = schema.AllManagedProperties;

            foreach (Property p in propertiesList)
                foreach (CrawledProperty crawledProperty in schema.QueryCrawledProperties(string.Empty, 1000, Guid.NewGuid(), string.Empty, true))
                    if (crawledProperty.Name.Contains(p.Name) && !allManagedPropertiesCollection.Contains(p.Name))
                        string name = crawledProperty.Name;
                        if (!crawledProperty.Name.Contains("ows"))
                            ManagedProperty managedProperty = allManagedPropertiesCollection.Create(p.Name, ManagedDataType.Text);
                            ManagedProperty hiddenContentManagedProperty = allManagedPropertiesCollection["ContentsHidden"];

                            Mapping mapping = new Mapping(crawledProperty.Propset, crawledProperty.Name, crawledProperty.VariantType, managedProperty.PID);

                            MappingCollection mappingCollection = managedProperty.GetMappings();
                            MappingCollection hiddenContentsMappingCollection = hiddenContentManagedProperty.GetMappings();
                            if (!mappingCollection.Contains(mapping))
                            if (!hiddenContentsMappingCollection.Contains(mapping))


UPDATE: The error that im getting: "The mapping must be to the managed property being set."

Thanks in advance

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You get an exception? Post the exception :-) – Dennis G Jan 10 '12 at 12:33

I suspect this line is the root cause:


You are trying to add a mapping created for one managed property to another managed property. mapping was created for managedProperty and not hiddenContentManagedProperty (see the last parameter):

Mapping mapping = new Mapping(crawledProperty.Propset, crawledProperty.Name, crawledProperty.VariantType, managedProperty.PID);

The solution would be to create a second mapping like this:

Mapping hiddenContentsMapping = new Mapping(crawledProperty.Propset, crawledProperty.Name, crawledProperty.VariantType, hiddenContentManagedProperty.PID);

Then you would add this mapping to the hiddenContentsMappingCollection:

hiddenContentsMappingCollection.Add(hiddenContentsMapping );
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