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Is it possible to send an e-mail with attachment in Office 365? As attachment we would want the attachment from a listitem or a document from a document library.

Maybe with the use of webservices or other solutions... ?

FYI, I tried using a SMTP server in a custom webpart (which failed because SMTP isn't allowed)

Microsoft suggested this solution (but wasn't sure if it would work):

Connect with webservice to an Azure Service.

Is this solution possible? (I have no knowledge of Azure AT ALL)

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For all intent purposes a duplicate of… – Ryan Jan 10 '12 at 10:06
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To solve this, we created a Worker role in Windows Azure. With the client object model (ecmascript) we add items to a custom list on the rootweb of the sitecollection. We store everything we need about the e-mail message (from, to, cc, bcc, subject, body, attachmenturl's,...) After an item is created in this list, the workerrole on Azure starts working, processes the item and sends an e-mail to users, impersonating as the user in the "from" address.

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