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Can we migrate a date field called date created from lotus notes to SharePoint "Created" date field (which is a readonly field)?

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You should be able to update/overwrite the Created field (and other fields shown below) after the item is created as shown below

objItem [SPBuiltInFieldId.Created] = new DateTime(2008, 5, 5);
objItem [SPBuiltInFieldId.Author] = "{author}";
objItem [SPBuiltInFieldId.Editor] = "{editor}";
objItem [SPBuiltInFieldId.Modified] = new DateTime(2008, 5, 6);

Also take a look:

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In the Quest migration tool i created the share point column called Created and data type as Date, and the mapped the lotus notes column date created to it...and now it does get the migrated date field in the created date field share point

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