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I am testing SharePoint 2010 foundation with bcs to access one of my sql tables. I created a list with filters on some fields (wildcard and limit types)

But unfortunately, when I display (browser) the list no selection fields appear Do you know why? Is it because of I'm using foundation?

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what do you mean, "selection fields"? – Derek Gusoff Jun 17 '12 at 3:09

You need to set default values on your wildcard filters. When you set up filters on a BCS Read List operation, the list will show whatever the default value of the filters allow.

Do do this, when you are setting up the filter, you'll see a text box for "Default Value". Enter a value in there and update the ECT, and you should be all set.

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are you getting any error messages? here is a post with some BCS related errors & fixes -

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BCS works flawlessly on SharePoint foundation. I have imported an SQL Azure table as a external list and tested it for basic CRUD operations. Can you give more details about your error?

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