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What are the drawbacks of changing the farm admin account in SharePoint 2010 installation. OR is it possible to change the farm admin account.

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Well Shankar ,

Considering the impact on change of the farm administrator account , here are the breakup of things that will need your attention:

  1. If the farm admin account is also used as service account for SharePoint , you are looking for trouble.

  2. If the farm admin account is also used as SQL Service account , you are looking for trouble.

  3. IF the farm admin account is used for running any active application pool on IIS, this can be a problem.

  4. Also for deploying solutions you must be a farm administrator.

  5. Farm administrator also happens to be in the local administrator group of all the servers in the database.

  6. Farm administrator also has db_creator , db_owner rights on all WSS Content databases.

The above six points are imperative for a check when adding/removing a new farm administrator.

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Not sure about drawbacks but you can change the admin on Farm (you should be admin on the farm to do this).

Login to Server, then go to Programs > Microsoft Share Point 2010 Products > SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.

Once you logged in Central Admin site go to Site Actions > Site Settings > People and Groups - Farm Administrators

From here you can add/remove admin from the farm.

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Thanks! but i am more concerned about the impact it might have on the system. – Shankar Jan 10 '12 at 11:47

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