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I know the are other questions similar to this one, but I haven't found one that is the same.

Here's the thing: I've successfully configured a web app in SharePoint to authenticate using ADFS. When I open the people picker, I can see my claims provider and the claim (Email Address). The problem is that I can search anything and the people picker will tell me that whatever I look for belongs to the claim provider.

For example: I have a user named steve.harris and the email When I search in the people picker for 'steve', It will appear as if 'steve' was the e-mail. And I can even search for 'foo' and grant it permissions and people picker won't complain about 'foo' not existing anywhere.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Working as designed. :)

I discussed this at TechEd last year: (about 40 minutes in)

The fix is custom development.

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As Paul says in his excellent video, once you enable claims in SharePoint, the People Picker is really a "claims expression editor"(tm), so when you type in the email address and select the email claim on left, you're telling SharePoint to let anyone in who has a email claim matching that string. It's quite a different concept then user/group selecting in NTLM, but still uses the same GUI. – Bret Fisher Apr 9 '12 at 4:04

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