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On a current SharePoint site,wWe want to use en-US regional settings, changing only the date format to dd/mm/yyyy. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to change only that. I am sure that there is a way for changing the date formatting for the en-US locale, but haven't found a way to make that change.

Is there a way or am I deluding myself?

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There might be a workaround solution for your problem.

Try this -

What it basically does is to try to find a locale/regional setting that had the date format you need (For eg:- 'fr-CA') and then use the CultrueAndRegionInfoBuilder to copy all the locale settings from en-US to fr-CA. After this, Change the locale for all the site collections and their sub-sites to use this customized fr-CA culture which is basically en-US using fr-CA's date format. Deploy it as a feature and activate it into your site.

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