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I'm currently trying to use an PageNumber-Filter for an Finder-Method in an .NET Assembly Connector. The relevant Part of the Method-Definition of the ReadList-Method looks the following.

<Method Name="ReadList" IsStatic="false">
<FilterDescriptor Type="PageNumber" FilterField="ID" Name="PageNumberFilter">
    <Property Name="UsedForDisambiguation" Type="System.Boolean">false</Property>
    <Property Name="IsDefault" Type="System.Boolean">true</Property>
    <Property Name="CaseSensitive" Type="System.Boolean">false</Property>
    <Property Name="PageSize" Type="System.Int32">50</Property>
    <Property Name="SortType" Type="System.Boolean">true</Property>
   <Parameter Direction="In" Name="@ID">
       <TypeDescriptor TypeName="System.Int32" Name="ID" AssociatedFilter="PageNumberFilter" />
  <Parameter Direction="Return" Name="returnParameter">
       <TypeDescriptor ... />

But in the ULS-Trace I found the following message after unsuccessfully trying to create a list from the External Content Type:

VLPROV: Finder 'ReadList' has a filter of type 'PageNumber'. These filters are not supported for external lists.Creating no view for this finder.

So the questions are:

  • Is the PageNumber-Filter supported for .NET Assembly Connectors Finder-Methods?
  • If yes, what is wrong with my approach.
  • If it is not supported, what is the best approach to realize paging in an .NET Assembly Connector Finder-Method. I'm aware of the solution other questions/answers are proposing. e.g Sharepoint 2010 external list paging – server side in the lightning tools blog. But I don't have sequential, numerical IDs provided by the external system.

Best regards and Happy new Year


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