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An InfoPath form template can be published into SharePoint as

  1. Form Library
  2. Site Content type
  3. Administrator approved form template

I have found lot of examples on how to deploy "Administrator approved form template" using powershell / WSP.

Any recommendations on how to publish to "Form Library" without Infopath designer 2010 (using powershell or wsp) will be very helpful.

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Deploying using Powershell scripts should be the better approach. You need to follow the below steps:

  1. To upload the administrator-approved form template, type the following command:

    Install-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Path "FullPathName"

  2. To activate an administrator-approved form template to a site collection from the Central Administration site use the following command:

    Enable-SPInfoPathFormTemplate -Identity "FormTemplateName" -Site "SiteCollectionURL"

Follow this Technet Article to get the full info of deploying Administrator approved form templates.

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thanks.. but is it any powershell command/wsp approach to deploy non-admin approved template? As sandboxed solution or just to form-library without any code? – Mac Dec 24 '11 at 12:27

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