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Suppose I have a custom timer job that processes work items. How can I check whether the timer job has processed a specific SPWorkItem without interfering with the actual processing?

If I try to initialize an SPWorkItemCollection using SPSite and the work item type's ID, I can get a reference to the work item. But initializing that collection also seems to remove the work item from the queue!

I tried calling SPWorkItemCollection.RevertInProgressWorkItem, but that doesn't seem to do anything. If I reinitialize the SPWorkItemCollection, it doesn't contain my work item anymore.

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You have to get a subcollection and work on that. Apparently you need to do this to set the parent web. Assuming workItems is your SPWorkItemCollection:

var subWorkItems = workItems.SubCollection(site, web, 0, (uint)workItems.Count);

Now call methods such as RevertInProgressWorkItem on subWorkItems.

I also found that this puts the item back on the queue but with a delivery time 10 minutes in the future. You change this by setting the delivery time explicitly.

Waldek has a good blog post on work item timer jobs.

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