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I've made a custom web template based on BLANKINTERNET that has a specified DefaultPageLayout and a set of available page layouts, these are set in the Publishing Feature. I upload the solution and install it thru PowerShell and then I go to New site thru Site Actions. I can choose my template and a name for the new site but when I create it I just get a 404. I can however reach the settings of my newly created site thru Manage Content and Structure and there I see that the page layouts are there so that works. Does anyone have an idea why I get a 404? I have put a default.aspx file in the same folder as ONET.xml and Elements.xml but I have had no luck so far.

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Did u create a Module to provision the default.aspx page? This element can not be in the ONET.xml so you'll have to create a Feature for this to provision the actual page.

U can read this post on how to implement Web Templates the right way. It is the best information available in my opinion:

SharePoint 2010 and Web Templates

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No, I haven't added a module, thx for the tip. Do you know of any other way to solve this without having to add a module? What if I removed the default.aspx file all together? – K.W Dec 23 '11 at 11:33
For a site there needs to be a default.aspx. However with a WebTemplate you can create one without having an actual aspx file. Using a module like this: <Module Name="MyDefaultPage" Url="$Resources:osrvcore,List_Pages_UrlName;" SetupPath="SiteTemplates\SPS"> Now a copy from the default.aspx that is stored in the SiteTemplates\SPS is being provisioned, and you don't need an aspx file in your solution. – Cas van Iersel Dec 27 '11 at 10:15

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