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I have a question about using a search to search on custom properties, properties that i've added myself to profile page.

So what i have now a user profile page with some standart properties like skills, interests etc and my own properties like hobby, music preference and sports.

I can search on them, when i search on 'Dance music' for example, i get own profile, but the way it is beeing shown is not acceptable for me. What i have now is this: current = but what i want to is to have like this: how it should be=

So you see above like Skills: C# ... so like this i want to have.

You will prolly say adjust the XSLT .. that is what i have done i followed some tutorials on inet i just did exactly what they said, but i still dont have the result i want. Here is the code that i put in xslt (see comment for images for xslt code)

So i did everything ... i can search on them it is ok ... working fine, but now i need it to be shown in a proper way. Just like with the standard properties.

And onther thing if you see the first 2 pictures you see that in summary all those properties are put next to each other without any space between them, how do i solve this too, so i put "," or just a space between them.

Thanks in advance

ps sorry for no images ... but seems i cant post images if i dont have rep of 10.

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here are links for xslt: variables = templates = – Igorok Dec 20 '11 at 19:54
still no answer .. anyone able to help? – Igorok Dec 26 '11 at 6:53
So, the first thing is to please not use the answer button to comment - I fixed that for you :-). Secondly you will improve the chance of getting a response if you post the images into the question - I think you have enough rep for that now. Don't forget that you can edit your question as much as you like, rather than having to use comments. Thanks. – SPDoctor Dec 26 '11 at 10:02

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