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I've made an Application Page (derived from LayoutsPageBase) and it's showing in the WebApplication Settings correctly. Now, I need to move it to the Central Administration level.

  1. Must I change my VS2010 SharePoint project Site URL ?
  2. If yes, is there another way ?
  3. Any ideas ?
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It's not too complicated.

  1. Move your page from the Layouts mapped directory to the TEMPLATE\ADMIN mapped directory.
  2. Modify your Page Link or Module Elements.xml

as following :

<Elements xmlns="">
    <CustomAction Id="(YourActionId)"
        <UrlAction Url="_admin/(YourPath)/(YourPage).aspx"/>

You can customize the GroupId and the Location with these options (MSDN). All that left is to go to your Central Administration -> Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage Site Collections Features -> Activate your feature.

enter image description here

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