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I came across the following article which was very good as a starter to branding surveys: SharePoint Kings. However I don't think that this is a very neat approach of how to brand a survey. Is there another way to do same things as described in the article by means of an application page or webpart??

Also tried with sharepoint designer to create a new display form but all i saw was the following: enter image description here so couldn't figure out how to edit each question.

I know that surveys are lists but cannot picture in my mind how I can customize the page to show in a branded way.

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If you add "tokens" to your survey questions, you can use javascript to convert them into tags, and then use css to render the styles. For example, #b#somestyle#/b# and javascript can search the question and replace the tokens with somestyle after the page has been loaded.

You can put the replacement routine in a function, and call it with


which will cause it to load after sharepoint has built and displayed the page.

see here for info on the replacement script:

Another option would be to edit NewForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx, etc. in InfoPath Designer - but that is only good if you are using Sharepoint Enterprise.

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You can do some branding changes by creating a custom survey list definition. This blog post describes how you can create the list definition and how you can modify NewForm and EditForm: Hide save and close buton in survey

The modification here is to remove the save and close button, but you can add your own branding instead. The DispForm.aspx can be customized the same way.

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Please do not just link to your private blog, instead add more details to your answer and use the blog link as merely a reference. – Robert Lindgren Apr 14 '14 at 18:43

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