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I have a url that uses https. My client would like to be able to avoid typing https everytime so i was looking in to using URL rewriter 2 to rewrite the URL so that ->

I have tried following two How-tos but neither seems to redirect. Can someone step me through the setup with IIS 7?

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What about doing something like this...

Force SSL on the site, and redirect users who get an error on the non-SSL site.

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Not really an answer (not an answer you want to hear anyway) but.. I'm no fan of these redirects. Its healthy for the user to be observant regarding when a page is secure and when it is not.

Also several SSL exploits takes advantage of HTTP > HTTPS redirects to hijack session and perform man in the middle attacks, so my answer would be to talk your customer out of it from a security POV :-)

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Here is a good tutorial of how to coexist HTTP and HTTPS. It point out some problems like the cookie which is not shared. You might take a look.

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Here is a page which I used to accomplish this, step "4. Redirecting users to Http or Https". It uses the URL Rewrite module you mention.

Another series of post which might be very useful in SharePoint Config.

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