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I'm creating a list instance in an XML file and I have some fields which are of type "Person or group". In the XML I can specify it like this:

     <Field Name='ID'>100</Field>
     <Field Name='Title'>Foo Bar</Field>
     <Field Name='MyGroup'>66;#SomeOfMyGroups</Field>

Notice the declaration of the group: 66;#SomeOfMyGroups.

When I do this it works, but I don't know what the ID of the group will be at some point.

If I specify it like this <Field Name='MyGroup'>SomeOfMyGroups</Field> it no longer works, the row is excluded when the list instance is created.

How can I set the value for the row without relying on the ID and just use the name (the name never changes, the ID might)?

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The ID never changes. The name could be changed, it might not in your project, but it is capable of being changed by someone with the right permissions. – Eric Alexander Dec 13 '11 at 13:31
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You can use a feature receiver for this, as described in the answer at:

This way you can generate valid ID+Name sets for your rows.

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