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I got an SQL Server 2008 R2 and a SharePoint Server. I have put up a BCS between the two servers. Reading data through a External List. This worked fine yesterday. But to day I got this error:

The query against the database caused an error.

Correlation ID:7ebc312e-db3a-46a4-afbe-04b0115c4885

w3wp.exe (0x0CB4)-0x1AD8-SharePoint Foundation-Logging Correlation Data-xmnv-Medium Name=Request (POST:http://External%20List/Read%20List.aspx)-7ebc312e-db3a-46a4fbe-04b0115c4885

Some of the guys I work with have reset the IIS, can this be the problem?


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After hours and hours of searching and debugging I finally found out what the problem was:

Somebody had removed read/write access from the user I created in SQL Server. When checking Read/Write boxes everything works fine again.

If you want to learn about BCS: Take a look at this video about Business Connectivity Services


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