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New to the whole Sharepoint business, so any help is appreciated. Whenever a new user is created in Active Directory, I'd like Sharepoint to automatically populate itself to add the entry as a contact.

How and where do I set up the LDAP lookup or automatically import AD details.

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Which version of SharePoint are you using? SharePoint Foundation does not include the User Profile Service Application or the ability to synchronize. – Mike Oryszak Dec 2 '11 at 4:53

You can have User profile synchronization and schedule the synchronization incremental timer job with the frequency you need.

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Spence's blog post is the best on the topic, all the background and then the specific how to:

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The link Amit Kumawat gave should solve your problem. I've been using a third party tool to integrate Sharepoint and Active Directory, it also works out nicely: SharePoint AD Information Sync. It takes a bit time to install and setup.

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