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It is possible to generate reports from the SharePoint Database with informations like current users, teamsites, websites etc. ? I heard maybe it is possible with the WSS-Logging Database.

Are there any examples? Experience with generating reports like this? Other solutions?

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PowerShell is going to be your best bet. Interacting directly with the database is not encouraged.

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there are commercial vendors (Avepoint, Idera, Quest, et al) that offer reporting utilities that read the SP databases.. you may want to consider using the Usage & Health Data services to obtain similar information (see - ).

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found a nice blog post regarding Web Analytics Reporting (as per John Chapman's post above) -… – Supriyo SB Chatterjee Dec 1 '11 at 15:22

Under Site Actions > Site Settings there are some analytics at the site collection and site levels.

For Farm Level analytics, goto Central Admin and under Monitoring goto View Web Analytics.

For more farm-level reports (i.e. structure, sites, etc.) we use SPDocKit.

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