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Is it possible to have recurring tasks in Sharepoint* that collect certain data from lists and sends them in an email?

I want to send an email with records X that match criteria Y from list Z every N'th hour/day/week/month.

Even though I'm a programmer, I would prefer to use Sharepoint designer, since I'm not so thrilled by the thought of learning the tools, environment and the 10K other things you're forced to when approaching a new environment and/or language.

*recurring as in; do "A if B" or "do A every date B"

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I believe sharepoint designer cannot address your need. Having said that it is important to choose the right and clean solutions. I think you cannot avoid writing code and writing a custom timer job could be the right choice for you. There are plenty of resources and examples available out there if you google it.

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Tasks lists don't have recurrance built into them, the only ones who do are calendar lists. The most applicable thing I can think OOTB of is using a workflow to handle the emails on specific occurances or using some sort of IRM or alert process.

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