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On a page, I have a dataview webpart to enter a new item in a list. It has just one text-box to enter data in a list field.On submit, the form is redirected to a custom page.

I want to grab the text entered by user in the text box(bound to list field) and pass it as query string parameter in next page.

I am trying to create a custom parameter with source as textbox control in the dataview.The id of the textbox looks like ff1{pos}.So I am not able to use it as the value of pos is not know at design time.

I want use this parameter in submit url. Any ideas?

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Pass the textbox to a variable and then use the variable in your query string.

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You can use jquery to read text and pass it as query string on submit button click.

To read text from text field:


Above code select value from id which start with ff1.

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