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Is it possible to generate an *.MSG file on-the-fly in SharePoint 2010? This is an Outlook message file. I'd like to create an HTML message when the user clicks a button with dynamic properties from the page. Our organization uses Outlook 2010 and SharePoint is only for the intranet. Thanks.

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You can also use a workflow to generate an HTML email. You can create any HTML markup you want and merge it with list/library data. Then you can send it to the user and or send it to an email enabled document library where it will store it as a msg file.

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You should be able to create a custom alert template, and have that alert send the customized email to an email-enabled Document Library. I think the email will show up in that document library as .msg file.

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You want to generate an actual .msg file from some information within SharePoint? I've done similar, we were successful with, their library made creating the file real easy.


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