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For a new SharePoint application we're constructing, we have a requirement which says a user may enter data in a list, but may not edit or delete the data.

So I thought of creating a list (probably hidden) and setting the permissions so that a normal user doesn't have Contribute rights on it. But that leaves the problem of inserting. For that I thought of creating my own webpart in which the data could be entered, and I could use elevated privileges to insert the data into the list. But then it would be entered as System Account (created by / modified by) and I don't want to happen: I need it to be created as the logged on user.

Is this possible? Or are there better solutions to satisfy this requirement?

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The simple way is to configure your custom permission level, in this permission level you should uncheck Edit and Delete permissions check boxes. See this post for more permission levels details. After this you can assigne this level to any group in the same way as Contribute.

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Great, didn't even know that was possible. Thanks! – Jasper Nov 15 '11 at 10:22
I found to create a custom permission level, you have to do so from the site collection root. – Alan M Sep 28 '12 at 19:13

If you are creating a custom list write a event receiver for activated event and then in that give permissions for that list, based on the user groups you can assign the permissions for the list.

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