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I want to accomplish this using SharePoint Designer and OOTB features.

Requirement : List with details - employee name , start date , end date. 30 days prior to end date send an email , 15 days prior to end date send an email. On end date change , email should be send according to new end date.

Workflow : on item added and item created.

Solution (tried) : On item created, pause until [end date - 30] , once workflow comes out of pause ,send mail and pause for [end date - 15], workflow comes out of pause ,send mail.

Problem / Issue : Item created, workflow is on Pause till [end date-30]. If i change the end date , workflow remains in pause and does not refresh for new end date. I tried to get the steps to check weather end date has changed , if yes them stop the workflow. But how to start the workflow again.

Any other steps that I can follow to achieve the requirement?

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You need to run two actions in parallel: one that watches the date and the other that monitors changes. It is well explained here:


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First you start the workflow on item created and update event. Create a new hidden field in the list In Pause Until Date statement - update the hidden field This time the workflow for the update event execute Check the current date with end-date and send the mail

I think this will resolve your issue

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but what about if date is modified second time...things will not work as previous instance is already in progress. –  Amit Kumawat Nov 14 '11 at 13:57

Once you stop the workflow, the instance is terminated so you cannot restart. You cannot have effective solution for the problem using SharePoint designer out-of-box workflow activities.

There other solution you can consider :

  1. Go for custom timer jobs instead of workflow.

  2. Program a state machine workflow.

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i agree with your point of "Once you stop the workflow, the instance is terminated so you cannot restart." –  Monica Jagani Nov 15 '11 at 4:03
See my reply. If the workflow is terminated due to a change in the item, it will restart. –  Christophe Nov 18 '11 at 6:38
You cannot restart an instance of a workflow that has been cancelled or terminated. To reuse the workflow, you must start a new instance....which is what your solution does –  Amit Kumawat Nov 18 '11 at 7:12

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