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Is it possible to copy permissions from one user to another? The reason is that I have to give same level permissions to 50+ users and it becomes very time-consuming to do it for each user.

Any utility which eases this process will be great!


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You can create a group and add needed permission level to it. Then you can add your users to this group.

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Also you need to ensure, that users belong to this group only. – Amit Kumawat Nov 13 '11 at 6:08
Thx. I'm trying to clone an existing user and all rights previoulsy assigned to that user and grant all of those permissions to another user. The persmissions are deep and many, some permissions down to the file level, some permissions are for sub-sites with broken inheritance. I was hoping for a simplier way to copy all of the existing permissions. – neo269 Nov 13 '11 at 11:59
Have you looked into using PowerShell at all? You Although, I would suggest (as a previous commenter did), since you are putting in effort to this anyway, to review the option of "fixing" the permission structure to be able to use groups. It will make things more manageable in the future, and depending on your situation, would probably be worth the investment. – lwbecker2 Nov 13 '11 at 12:39

I think what you are looking for is permission cloning, copy the similar permission for all others. SharePoint OOB feature doesn't allow that, however, you can use object model or powershell script to do so. There are some third party admin utility tools available which can do this for you.

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There is no OOTB way to clone SharePoint user permissions. You should either use 3rd party tools such as ShareGate, Axceler ControlPont, Boost Solutions's Permission manager or Use this PowerShell script way: Copy Permissions from One User to Another in SharePoint using PowerShell

Copy Permissions from One User to Another in SharePoint using PowerShell

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