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I'm trying to convert a DOCX file into a PDF file using a workflow in Sharepoint 2010 using Word Automation Services.

Here is what I use in my workflow :

ConversionJobSettings jobSettings = new ConversionJobSettings();
jobSettings.OutputFormat = SaveFormat.PDF;

ConversionJob pdfConversion = new ConversionJob("Word Automation Services",         jobSettings);

pdfConversion.UserToken = workflowProperties.Web.CurrentUser.UserToken;

string wordFile = workflowProperties.WebUrl + "/" + workflowProperties.Item.Url;
string pdfFile = wordFile.Replace(".docx", ".pdf");

pdfConversion.AddFile(wordFile, pdfFile);


But no PDF is ever created. The workflow is defined as "Completed", but I saw nothing else. I checked the state of the Workflow Automation Services in the Central Administration and everything looks good and the service is started. The Word file is in a document library and I want to create the PDF file in the same folder as the Word file.

Does someone know what to do in order to convert Word to PDF ?

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I have the same issue, did you find a solution? – user10749 Sep 16 '12 at 23:11

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