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I have a Sharepoint site with lots of Document Libraries. I have configured Rights Management on those libraries, however I'm under a problem. I have full control permissions within all the libraries (In fact I'm the farm's admin), but when I try to open a XPS file (just this specific file out of about 400 XPS files, 1 per library) It throws me the following error:

XPS Document Rights Management Error: you do not have permission to open this documen t with this account. Would you like to use a different account or create a new account?

I'm not sure if it's a configuration error, because: If I uncheck the "Users must verify their credentials every 30 days" option in SharePoint configuration, I can see the document but, when I check it back again It throws the same error.

I verified I have Full control permissions in the document, and the strange thing is that it only happens with this file.

Can you please help me with some ideas?

Thanks in advance


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