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Is is possible to access the current user's "My site" and "My Content" using the ecmascript client OM? Specifically I'm looking to create a custom list, that is specific to each user, and wanted to leverage the My Content feature. I need to be able to access this list using the ecmascript client om.

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I've tried similar things and had problems before (think they were permissions related).

If you just want to 'get' data, and are handy with jQuery, use something like SPServices for jQuery to grab the data from your MySite. You can get the MySite host using jQuery. You'll also need to get the Url to your MySite (relative to the host). I do have code for this somewhere, but you can also find it if you google about a bit. You basically need to access the UserProfile Web Service, pass in the current username, and retrieve the PersonalSite property.

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Thanks @James. This looks exactly like what I need. – Jon Nov 9 '11 at 15:00

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