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We have SP2010 FAST search running and it works great.

I've had to set up some crawl rules to exclude certain sites/folders. Without checking the Match Case check box (making the crawl rule case-insensitive) it is still filtering results based on case. Has anybody else encountered this?

For example the crawl rule to exclude:


would return http://mysite.com/manuals/A/Webhelp/somepage.htm when it shouldn't since I'm not matching case.

I've done full crawls after adding the rules as well but it is still returning incorrect results.

Thanks for your help.

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you need add the rule with lowe case characters like "http://mysite.com/manuals//webhelp/"

Additionally, SharePoint 2010's crawler normalizes all discovered links by converting them to lowercase

you can see description in: http://allcomputers.us/windows_server/sharepoint-2010-search---setting-up-the-crawler---using-crawl-rules.aspx

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