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SharePoint InfoPath formviewer part

I have a requirement for opening an InfoPath item from an InfoPath library in a custom application page. Here is the code:

XmlFormView formview = null;
formview = new XmlFormView();
formview.Width = Asp.Unit.Percentage(100);
formview.Height = Asp.Unit.Pixel(800);
formview.XsnLocation = "http://dev/infopathlibrary/forms/template.xsn";
formview.ShowHeader = false;
formview.ShowFooter = true;

I am not able to view the InfoPath item but I am getting the view and close button only.

Could anyone help me to solve this issue ?

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You might this solution: http://grounding.co.za/blogs/romiko/archive/2009/09/24/integrating-infopath-forms-using-xmlformview-control-with-aspx-pages.aspx. In this solution, the InfoPath control is called via an ASP.NET control on the ASPX page instead of the code-behind.

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