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Is it possible to put signatures (simple texts) to the Word documents before the user starts downloading the file?


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Why didn't you put signatures when the user uploads document? – Alexander Nov 4 '11 at 17:39
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You could do this with a custom solution to manipulate the OpenXML (assuming 2007+ format).

There is an older MSDN blog post that details the following:

  • Reading the document into a byte array using the SPFile.OpenBinary method.
  • Creating a resizable MemoryStream object using the parameterless constructor of the MemoryStream class.
  • Writing the byte array into the MemoryStream.
  • Opening the document using the Open XML SDK. Trap the System.IO.FileFormatException when opening.
  • Modifying the document using LINQ to XML and the Open XML SDK.
  • Writing the document back to the document library.

Post is available here:

You cant really control all the download methods, so you will want to capture it on upload to make your changes.

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You might be able to utilize Information Rights Management to add labels to your Word documents when opened.

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