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Is it possible to create a list where you can add items to a list but not view items in a list?

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you can allow to view only items that were created by the user. To set up this settings go to the List Settings -> Advanced Settings, set Read items that were created by the user in the Item-level Permissions section.

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No, giving users Add item access automatically gives them read access to the list. Even creating a custom permission with Add items automatically enables Read. You'll have to use item level permissions like Alexander states.

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You can do this with inbound e-mail, by allowing the list to receive e-mails from any sender. In this case anybody can post to the list, but only people with SharePoint permissions can read the list.

Be careful when using this feature, as you open your list to spam.

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You can define a workflow that resets permissions on items added to the list, such that only a specific user or groups has rights to it immediately after it's added.

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