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The title says it all and I imagine this question will evolve as more people provide input. I will try to update with the current answer and/or working code for all to use.

The question is about extending a web part, the ConsolidatedNewsFeedWebPart in particular. I have Reflector installed and I have read this post, Extending the Newsfeed, from Wes Hackett many times. But since I am more or less newer to SharePoint dev, I was hoping for more help and tips on this.

So far: I created a new web part in VS 2010 which extends the ConsolidatedNewsFeedWebPart. I added the correct assembly, Microsoft.SharePoint.Portals.Proxy.dll, and all looks good. But now how to override the rendering.

Tips on overriding the rendering and/or Reflector are welcome.

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