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Is there any chance to do that? If so, what do you suggest me to do? I have two custom lists that are related to each other, while adding an item to main list, i have to add some parts of it into another list simultaneously.

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An easier to implement option than an event receiver is a Workflow, triggered by the first list, to insert data from that entry into another list.

This can be easily built using SharePoint Designer.

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Just as a hint: Afaik a SPD 2010 Workflow has the limitation that it only cycles through five elements of an list, after 5th it collapses. – Shegit Brahm Jul 14 '12 at 11:12

You can use Item receiver.

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If to answer the question in title "Single form for multiple lists", then, IMO, the most effective solution is to publish an Infopath form template as Sharepoint content type.

I could have written about it in more details but the body of text is asking/describing something completely unrelated to title for which I would have configured site columns which again I could have extended if I was more sure in context and details

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I would recommend to use SharePoint Designer workflows. You can define there actions that can update items on other lists. Event receiver would also be great, but I don't think there's a need to any custom development here.

If you are not into SharePoint Designer or coding event receivers, try to look at this one:

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