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Not sure what the problem is but when i use the following formula when creating a calculated column

=IF([Event Type]="","Black",IF([Event Type]="PFL","Red",IF([Event Type]="VCL","Gold",IF([Event Type]="HSL","Green",IF([Event Type]="FL3","DarkBlue",IF([Event Type]="FL1","DarkCyan",IF([Event Type]="RPL","DarkRed",IF([Event Type]="MM","Gray",IF([Event Type]="Vacation/Availability","Orange","")))))))))

I get an error "One or more column references are not allowed because the columns are defined as a data type that is not supported in formulas (Event Type is a choice) If I use the same formula but with a one word named column like "Category" it creates it just fine. Ideas?


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I thought the limit in calculated columns was 7 nested IF statements per branch. You can concatenate several nested ifs to achieve your desired results. Are you using Christophe's color coded calendar tool to generate that? The calculated column looks identical, but I cannot make it generate the orange if, most likely it's bumping into the nested if limit. Look over the first link and see if that helps you out.

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