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I am using Sharepoint 2010 publishing site and trying to customize Publishing Approval workflow.

Using Designer to customize publishing approval workflow.

Is there any way to skip/bypass initiation and association forms? (like when the user click on publish/approve button the workflow should start workflow/approve and not show initiation/association form asking all fields to fill up)

Thanks in advance

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Take a look at the SharePoint Designer 2010 Action: Start Approval Process

The Start Approval Process action behaves like a pre-built workflow—the logic is already defined in the action. The action has several different phases built into it that defines task behaviors, task process behaviors, logging to the History Log, e-mail notifications, and completion conditions. Although the action comes with pre-built logic, it still needs information from you—such as the users (the reviewers), the order in which the tasks are to be routed to the participants—serial or parallel, the default is serial, and the due dates for task completion.

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