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I have a survey and all the needed results. I need to export the results to excel, though in the process of setting up the survey I changed or removed the Overview.aspx page/view. Now when I add a webpart like the overview.aspx, everything is the same except when I go to the Action button “Export to Excel” is not an option. How do I get that option back? If I can’t get that option on a webpart back how can I get the results of the survey exported to excel?

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i tried it through the View All site contents method but still dont' the export to excel option, any ideas please? –  user15359 Mar 6 '13 at 13:14
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I had a similar problem where the export option was not visible in the action menu. As workaround, I found that if I accessed the survey from Site Settings ==> View All Site Content ==> My Survey then the export button is available.

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