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I have two lists, one contains files, each file has one or more ID(depending on its content). These IDs are lookups to another list. Now, I generate another list on fly, this list has the ID column as well (same lookup table). What I need to do is to somehow link the two lists together(many to many relationship i suppose) so that i could see all the files, that have one or more common IDs with the generated list. Any idea, how to do this? I could use SP Designer, Visual Studio or any other tool I guess..



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Have you tried joined lists in SharePoint Designer? I am not sure how they work with lookups, but their purpose is exactly what you're trying to achieve - connect two lists through a common field.

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create a new field of Lookup column type within your document library. Choose the list which you wonna link it to your library and pick the column you need (in this case the ID). So when you upload a new doc you should choose the ID that you will assign with the file from a drop-down list.

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