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creating a Field of type File and Attachments in document library and getting exception error as mentioned above.Please help me out thanks in advance..

Guid listid1 = web.Lists.Add("TESTLIBRARY", "THIS LIST IS FOR TESTING", 

SPList documentlibrary = web.Lists["TESTLIBRARY"];
documentlibrary.ContentTypesEnabled = true;

documentlibrary.Fields.Add("Employee Attachments", SPFieldType.File, false);
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Having attachments on document libraries and surveys is not supported.

In addition, you don't add an attachments column to a list in general. The way to enable attachments is to set the EnableAttachments property on a list to true.

SPList list = web.Lists["LISTNAME"]; 
list.EnableAttachments = true;

The code above will throw an exception if the list is a document library or survey

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