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Is it possible to hide the header row, displaying column headers, for a specific view on a SharePoint 2010 publishing page? We've used this CSS to hide the column headings, but this is all or nothing; in other words, we can't hide and show the column header for an individual view:


In addition, setting a TR's display to none has other issues: IE7 can't handle display:table-row when you need to show the column again; you have to use display:inline-block for that one browser and the table-row for modern browsers. Plus, this technique affects all of the views on the page rather than the specific one we need to handle.

Anyone know of a way to hide/show the column headings from the web part editor or some cleaner solution? Thanks.

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Possible solution using jQuery and CEWP: $("table[summary*='List name']").each(function(){ $(this).find("tr:eq(0)").show(); });, from here: code-journey.com/2011/… –  Alex C Oct 19 '11 at 9:00

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Treat the views as DVWP, since they are XSLT List Views (XLV) then you can go in and edit them in SharePoint designer and remove the header for a specific column.

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Could you expound on this? What do you mean by "Treat the views as DVWP"? –  Alan M May 9 at 18:03

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