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I currently have a QuickTime player on my site just below the global navigation. When I hover over some of my dropdown navigation items, their dropdowns goes beneath the QuickTime player.

What would be a valid solution to this?

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I suspect it is the same problem as with flash-movies in a page:… – Dribbel Oct 18 '11 at 9:53
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You should be able to resolve this by setting a higher CSS z-index on your drop down nav elements. Note that for better cross-browser compatibility, you should also assign a lower z-index to the QuickTime player itself. In some scenarios, z-index must be assigned on both elements to ensure they are layered consistently as expected.

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I'm sorry this response will be bereft of implementation specifics however I remember being briefed on a similar-sounding bug with drop-downs in I.E. falling behind in-line content. It was solved by placing the drop-down within a span element.

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