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We are using Excel Web App for Sharepoint 2010.

We have customized page so we have added a button in a ascx control to add a row using open XML SDK 2.0. How can we refresh page in order to see the new row added to the Excel?

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I would try the EWA.Workbook.recalcAsynch method. There's a good example of it in this blog post.

The above example shows using a timeout to set a short delay before the control refreshes. If you wire this into the click event of your button, the delay might come in handy if you're adding a new row asynchronously.

If you're writing server code, it might provide a better alternative. I'm less familiar with the Excel Web Access Server APIs.

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Thanks for your response, but I think Excel Web App doesn't support this methods, as shown in this comparison. I am newbie to Sharepoint 2010, so I'm not sure if it is possible to use them. – Alfonso Oct 18 '11 at 7:19

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