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I've been experimenting with feature version-ing and upgrading in Sharepoint 2010 and found a bunch of blogs, documentations etc. but it is still not very clear to me.

  • How does Sharepoint store the feature versions? If I deploy more versions of a feature what happens to the old ones?
  • When is update triggered, what triggers it, when does it do it automatically and when do I need to write code or update receivers?
  • What should happen after the update with the elements that use the old feature (e.g. I have a content type with an element used by a list and I update the content type what happens to that list) etc.

Could someone explain all of this to me?

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Chris O'Brien has covered this in a lot of depth on his blog:

If you still have specific questions, then it's recommend to open a separate question for each on this site, as we can then target specific answers, and this also helps other people find specific answers to their own questions.

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I've read that article already. It's good, but I was looking for something with "the context attached". But you are right, this is too broad of a question. I'll ask others more specific. Just for the record, I've found this one to be good also. – JohnDoDo Oct 14 '11 at 7:26
Another good one here; scroll to the bottom :D – JohnDoDo Oct 14 '11 at 7:48

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