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This issue has me stumped; any idea would be appreciated. This is relating to SharePoint 2010 and MS Word 2010.

Situation: Doc library in SharePoint is using custom content types and has several hundred documents in it. When a new document is created and saved to this library, the document can be checked in with no problems.

The problem is that if the department manager sends the URL to any of those documents to someone else, and that user clicks on the link, the document opens in MS Word, but it won't allow the user to edit it. When they click on check-out document it says that the document is locked for editing by 'another user'. I've tried the "wait for 10 minutes for the lock to expire" thing; didn't work. In fact I waited over the weekend and it didn't change anything.

Here is the weird part: I can replicate the error without using an emailed link. If I click on the title name, it opens in Word. When I click on check-out (through Word), I get the error message. I close Word, go back to SharePoint, check-out the document then immediately discard the check-out (through SharePoint), click on the name again, and clicking check-out (through Word) works just fine. I can make changes and check it back in (through Word) with no problems. However, after checking it back in, if I don't check-out/discard check-out through SharePoint before clicking on the title, it happens again when trying to check-out through Word.

The check-out/discard check-out workaround is what's being done right now, but that's going to get old pretty quick. Also, it's not happening in any other library; just this one.

Any help would be appreciated.



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What are the Versioning Settings for your document library? If you require content approval or support drafts, there could be circumstances where you might need to approve or publish the checked in version before it can be checked out for editing again. – Rich Bennema Oct 13 '11 at 13:33
This is at one of our clients, and on this library (and this one alone) there is everything: The library has the inheritance broken as well as a few of the documents themselves, so permissions are set at the item level as well. Versioning is turned on keeping all majors, but only up to 3 minors. Check-out is set to required as well as approval. And draft versions are set to visible only to those who can edit items. – Johnny Tabales Oct 13 '11 at 15:45
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