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SPFarm has a property called DisplayName... which at the moment is the horribly undescriptive value "SharePoint_Config"... which is exactly what farm.Name is.

Is there any way to change the DisplayName to something descriptive, like "Production", or "Staging"?

Is it possible to change this using PowerShell?

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I would not make any change to farm level properties like that. It is not something that the users will ever see and there is a chance that there is configuration data that is tied to that name.

Things I normally do to make it clear which environment you are in include:

  • Set a good FQDN like,,
  • Change the Site Name to include the environment for Dev/Test/QA/Staging, etc
  • Change the theme for the non-production sites so that it is clear which environment you are in
  • Add a feature that can be enabled to add a user control to the masterpage that reads the FQDN and conditionally displays a note for non-production environments

Update: The SPFarm.DisplayName property supports only a get, not a set and cannot be changed. The SPFarm.Name property supports both get and set so it could conceivably be changed.

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In addition you can change Title of Central Administration to read something like "Central Administration (PRODUCTION|STAGING)" – Ashish Patel Oct 13 '11 at 2:49
I understand the fear of changing farm properties... but I'm wondering if it's possible. I can't imagine there could be configuration data tied to DisplayName... Name yes, but DisplayName? – Patrick Naughton Oct 13 '11 at 16:25
By the way, this is not something I am wanting to configure so that end-users can tell the difference. I would like to be able to gather information about a series of farms using PowerShell and analyse that data in aggregate. Having all of the SPFarm objects use the Name and DisplayName of "Admin_Config" is the issue I'm trying to work around. Yes, I could look inside of the Farm and see the WebApplications, or the Sites, and figure it out.... but I was hoping to just set the DisplayName on the farm to something useful. – Patrick Naughton Oct 13 '11 at 16:27

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