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Whenever I try to publish a page that contains a MultipleLookupField I get the error

You must fill out all required properties before completing this action.

My setup is very simple

  • I am using an OOB Publishing Site
  • Custom site column MyCustomColumn that is a lookup on a list and allows multiple values
  • Custom content type MyCustomContentType based on Page that includes the MyCustomColumn and is required
  • Custom page layout MyCustomPageLayout that uses MyCustomContentType

I create a page that uses MyCustomPageLayout and MyCustomContentType and put it in edit mode. In the MultipleLookupField for MyCustomColumn I choose a value and click Add. When I click Publish I get the error. Why is this happening? Any ideas to help diagnose the problem?

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I opened a support ticket with Microsoft regarding this issue and they have verified this is a bug that was introduced in Service Pack 1. The product group is working to find a solution to this problem.

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