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I'm getting a vague error (as below) on the built-in _layouts/ChangeFieldOrder.aspx page which uses the DLL "Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages".

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Is there any way to attach to that DLL so I can step through it and see exactly what's causing the error?

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You'd have to use something like .NET Reflector and its Visual Studio plugin in order to actually step through the code in the debugger.

With something like ILSpy you can take a look at the code, but not step through it, which may well be enough to discover what's going wrong without spending money.

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I would check the ULS logs with a tool like the ULS Viewer.

Start a trace, load the page again and check the viewer. It may reveal more details about what's happening to cause the problem.

Here's a link:

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